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Meet Eliza Spell, a local artist and jewelry designer, here in Richmond.  Eliza, studied sculpture at VCU and used a lot of the techniques and tools from her studies into her design.  Being a master at beading (please note the hand beaded head-dresses above) and having a knack of reusing old finds into her jewelry, Eliza creates rare pieces that reflect her unique and one of kind style.  I remember meeting Eliza and friends who were having a pow-wow on her “Angel Baby Cloud” (Eliza has the most comfortable-marshmallow-bed, that resembles what you might believe Angel Babies live on) and thinking to myself that this girl has it all figured out — just being herself, which is inspirational, fun & carefree.      

As stated already, Eliza has designed and created hand beaded head-dresses.—-I know amazing, right?  But what’s even more amazing is the thought behind the head-dresses.  Each head-dress was made for someone, these someone’s being, Jay-Z, Stevie Nicks, & Andrew W.K.  The head-dress made for Jay-Z has the Louis Vuiton symbol placed in the middle, framed by $ signs (keep in mind this was all hand-beaded).  Stevie Nicks’ head-dress is feminine & gypsyish, and I can imagine good ol’ Stevie back in the day wearing this while belting, “Blame it on my wild heart…”  And the head-dress she made for Andrew W.K., she got to give to the artist himself at a show in Harrisonburg.      

By spending the morning with Eliza I got to hear about her best friend, Cassidy (referred to as the ‘Ultimate Power Haus), a story behind Eliza’s favorite picture of her father, meet her dog, Andre a Brussels Griffon (probably the cutest dog I’ve ever met) and explore through her creative space.      

If you want to find out more about Eliza, or to set up an appointment (whether cyberly or in real life) to create your own piece of jewelry pulled form your own inspirations, contact Eliza at  To see a small preview of Eliza’s jewlery line, PowerHaus Worldwide visit her blog—and if you live in the Richmond area go ahead and hop on over to B-Sides where you can purchase some of her jewels.  (B-Sides itself is as great as a find as a sunken treasure chest.  I hope you all enjoy this feature on Eliza as much as I enjoyed spending my time with her (which is a whole, whole lot).